Ambar Molina,
Regional Wedding Manager
Number of Years in Business
La Colección Resorts is part of the Hotelera POSADAS vacation resort group. Mexico’s largest and most internationally renowned hotel company, Hotelera POSADAS has been dedicated to providing extraordinary travel experiences for over 50 years and features over 180 hotels in over 50 destinations.

Tell us a little about La Colección Resorts by Fiesta Americana
La Colección offers 17 distinctive resorts throughout Mexico, as well as a new resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Each resort in the La Colección family is unique, but every hotel shares the same goal: to provide guests with an authentic experience in which the rich cultures of Mexico and the Dominican Republic are highlighted through world-class beaches, unmatched dining experiences, one-of-a-kind amenities and the experienced, attentive hospitality of our staff.

Do you have a Travel Advisor Specialist Program?

Where can advisors go to sign-up for this program?

Share a little about the company culture (what you’re most excited about as an employee):
Our Company received the recognition of being the #1 Great Place to Work in Hospitality in Mexico 2020 I have been here for more than 5 years, during this time I have had the opportunity to grow, advance into new positions and also I constantly receive training in different wedding certifications and participate in the most important events of the industry. I´m very proud of being part of this amazing family.

As it relates to romance travel, what unique value proposition(s) set your brand apart from the competition?
Exclusivity, we celebrate just ONE Wedding a day

  • Exclusivity, we celebrate just ONE Wedding a day
  • Immediate assistance with planning process
  • Certified Wedding Resorts by the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC)
  • Wedding professional team, certified in different type of weddings as equality, South Asian and multicultural weddings
  • #4 Great Place To Work in Mexico +15,000 associates
  • Special incentives program/benefits for Travel Advisors, added values for couples on behalf of the travel advisor.
  • One year anniversary certificate for all the wedding couples, that gives them 2 or 3 nights complimentary for their first anniversary and can be redeemed at any of the resorts
  • Travel with Confidence program: the safety, hygiene, and flexibility you need to stay with us again.

This program was developed following guidelines provided by the Mexican Government, the Mexican Secretary of Health, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, and the World Travel & Tourism Council. We partnered with 3M, a world leader in health and hygiene

Can you share a success story (with WOW factors) when working with travel advisors?
I have had the opportunity to work with a group of Travel Advisors, they have referred to us several weddings for all the resorts. Every wedding couple was happy with their wedding, and we created a great connection between the Travel advisors, the clients and us at the resorts. For one reason or another I never had the opportunity to meet the Travel Advisors in person, every time they visited the resort I was on a business trip, so after 4 years working together we met in person (in RTF 2019) and we felt very familiar. And the couples, they come back for their anniversary using their anniversary certificate and year after year they keep coming to different destinations at La Colección Resorts and book through the same Travel Advisor.

What is new and exciting that you were able to share with this year’s Romance CONNECT delegates?
Our suites. We have in each resort a top suite where we can celebrate weddings and events, with capacity for between 30-100 guests, exclusivity, privacy, amazing views. The Moët Master suite, one of a kind experiences at Grand Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta, Live Aqua San Miguel de Allende in the heart of Mexico that offers a special Bridal Suite and Groom suite, this resort is also pet friendly, the Live Aqua Residence Club in Los Cabos an exclusive property with luxury facilities and the new Live Aqua Punta Cana, opening soon, early 2021.

The travel industry is forever evolving.  What are some of the trends you’re seeing, and what initiatives is your brand developing to support travel sellers grow their business?

  • The flexibility is one of the most important initiatives, since we have had to facilitate changes on dates, cancellations, honor room rates and deals with vendors.
  • Our Program Choose your Venue in Person, this special program offers the opportunity to the couple to come to the resort. Meet with our on-site wedding specialists. Experience the quality of our service. Tours of the hotel venues, meetings with vendors, menu tastings, and hair and make-up trials can be arranged during this trip. The couple can share the experience of staying at any of our resorts with their wedding guests having experienced our travel with confidence program making them feel comfortable to travel.
  • The Travel with Confidence Protection program has been designed to offer you telemedicine services, health insurance (including Covid-19), and attention in case of other incidents. The program guarantees immediate, safe, and discreet assistance.

What are your traditional commission structures?
Commissions can be 10% -17% on room blocks, depending on how the Travel Advisors make the room reservations, we work with all the major wholesalers plus they can apply the LCRewards program on each booking. Plus an additional 10% commission on all our Wedding Packages

What can travel advisors expect when working with the La Colección Resorts?
We are key for information. What to do, contacts on property or around the island. We have all that. We can provide insider’s tips and recommendations that you may not have thought of.

Why should travel advisors work with your brand?
Every wedding is a new project where we dedicate the personalized attention from day one, we become the support for the Travel Advisor assuring every wedding experience is unique and successful. The assistance for the Travel Advisor and clients in the main beach destinations of Mexico, San Miguel de Allende and Punta Cana with the same quality and dedication. Immediate assistance and communication.

What tools/technologies do you have in place to support travel sellers? And, do they integrate into current available technologies? If yes, please share which ones.
The Travel Advisor can book our properties a variety of ways including Wholesaler CRS systems, many with direct connect and last minute availability, e.g. VAX.

When communicating with your company, what can travel advisors expect (ie turnaround time, dedicated point person, etc.)?
We are a professional team of wedding experts, led by a wedding manager in each resort, in charge of planning and coordinating. You can expect a dedicated team ready to assist and become the right hand of the Travel Advisors on property.

How and where can travel advisors book or get support when selling your product?
The main contact is Ambar Molina, Regional Wedding Manager. Email: or They can also find the main information at however our goal is to be in contact directly.