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We, right here and right now, are a peer network. There are many ways to be part of a peer network, whether it be through something you are (travel professional, blogger), something you do (Sell tour packages), or through something you attend, such as the Romance Travel Forum. They are all very different, but very much alike! 

Why Network?

 Getting to know your peers means that you are exposed to new ideas and many different outlooks, all of which can expand your knowledge and broaden your areas of preference and expertise. Sure, you may excel in one brand or product, but it can never hurt to add to that! PLUS… When you work in isolation, you repeat mistakes that others have made. Why not reach out, meet those who do what you do, ask questions, and do all that you can to prevent wasting your valuable time and effort!

 Networking is about sharing, not taking. We are all in this industry for similar reasons, we all have personal goals, but we are not here to compete against one another. There is MORE than enough to go around. There are very seasoned professionals, and there are those who are very new the industry, both have so much to offer.

 Build Relationships:

 Helping others achieve goals, big and small, is an accomplishment in itself. When you help one another, you build trust. Making time to engage with your contacts helps you continue to grow relationships, after all, it is a two-way road. It’s great to be there for others, but it is equally as beneficial and rewarding to have someone who is there to assist you as well.

Get Noticed!

Be visible! Get to know your peers and suppliers! Being visible and present will help build your reputation and will show that you are reliable and knowledgeable in what you do! You will begin build friendships with your peers. Those who are learning what you already know will feel they can approach you and will ask for your tips, input, and will look to you as a mentor.

 Where can networking take you?

 You never know which exciting opportunities and doors may open for you just by being at the right place, at the right time! When you actively attend networking events, it helps to keep your name in mind when opportunities arise, such as introductions to others in the industry, to be considered when special events take place, when referrals come along, and so on!

 Help them, help you!  

 Helping one another is great, but when you share common knowledge and interests, you’re truly building a huge support network! Receiving and sharing advice is such an important benefit of networking. Sharing ideas and openly asking questions (because we all know that one person who is afraid to raise their hand and ask a question, but are SO thankful to hear someone else ask that exact question), opens the door to valuable discussions, suggestions, and guidance.

 In a nut shell… 

Regularly networking within your industry will only set you up well and will help you progress in your career. Having healthy relationships with your contacts can be mutually beneficial. You can raise your profile and make an impact! Your chances at amazing opportunities and successes will grow. In the end, there is such satisfaction in assisting and connecting others in your network. Being successful is great, but helping others achieve a greater success is simply priceless.

 There is power in numbers! Many minds are better than one!