Daniel Scheiman
Director of Field Sales
Number of Years in Business


Tell us a little about The Fives Hotels and Residences
The Fives Hotels & Residences are luxury hotels along the Caribbean Sea with modern Mexican design and chic coastal style, under our All Senses Inclusive concept, with an array of global gourmet cuisine by award-winning chefs.

Do you have a Travel Advisor Specialist Program?

Where can advisors go to sign-up for this program?

Share a little about the company culture (what you’re most excited about as an employee):
The quality of our services, different experiences that we feature through out the Resorts and the support that we bring to our Travel Partners, plus our Stay Safe at The Fives protocols that we have in place, this can be found on this LINK

As it relates to romance travel, what unique value proposition(s) set your brand apart from the competition?
Our different wedding packages, plus our one of a kind wedding locations and suite accommodations, which are perfect for group and individual travelers.

Can you share a success story (with WOW factors) when working with travel advisors?
We created a program based exclusively on supporting travel agents, with the highest commission in the market, up to 21%, this was created exclusively as we want to bring our complete support to the industry, we are dedicated team that solely works and supports travel agents.

What is new and exciting that you were able to share with this year’s Romance CONNECT delegates?
Our new ASSET travel agent programs, where agents can earn booking bonuses a higher commission, plus offer their clients added values and amenities. cost. We also offer a cost per guest if you want a specific package and you have less attending your wedding than the package offers.

The travel industry is forever evolving.  What are some of the trends you’re seeing, and what initiatives is your brand developing to support travel sellers grow their business?
Now this days all major hotel brands are creating a travel agent portal to support agents, however the tools that they offer are reduced to free stays and marketing actions. On our end we have created an array of incentives, higher commission levels for the travel professionals and added values for their clients.

What are your traditional commission structures?
21% Commission, when booking when your preferred wholesaler and reporting your booking on our ASSET travel agent portal  at www.thefivesrewards.com

What can travel advisors expect when working with The Fives?
Because of our quality of services, accommodations and gourmet cuisine, plus we are a company that 100% supports the travel agent community.

What tools/technologies do you have in place to support travel sellers? And, do they integrate into current available technologies? If yes, please share which ones.
We will be launching a new wedding platform where brides will be able to customize their weddings online, simplifying the process for them and travel agents when booking and organizing all wedding details. Agents can find all information related to our weddings at www.allsensesweddings.com

When communicating with your company, what can travel advisors expect (ie turnaround time, dedicated point person, etc.)?
We will get back to any inquiry in the next 24 to 48 hours after received, we do have a professional team of wedding coordinators and professional concierge services to help agents and their clients to have an amazing experience at our Resorts.

How and where can travel advisors book or get support when selling your product?
With any available wholesaler, as we are available with all of them.